Living In These Troubled Times

Like everyone else, I have found the past three years a real challenge. Anyway, that’s all I’m going to say. I’ve decided to get back to my blog, because in spite of everything, I was writing, and submitting. And, I’m glad to say, succeeding. 

Lemon Verbena

I have a two-part story, “Lemon Verbena” in The People’s Friend Spring Special, currently in the shops.This story is set in Provence in the early 20th century. It’s a story of love, war, ambition and perfume. Josie and Gilbert were wonderful characters to write about. 


Colours From The Land

I have a two part story in the People's Friend Spring Special which is in the shops now. It's called "Colours From The Land" and it's set in the Highlands of Scotland in the 1880s.


April In Paris



 I was very pleased to have another story published in The People's Friend Special back in April. This gentle love story is set in post World War 2 Paris. I really enjoyed writing it. April In Paris has a handsome chef, 1950s frocks and fabulous food!